One Astra Place Condominium in Cebu

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One Astra Place Condominium in Cebu, Astounding, Aspiring, All Here. The Astra Centre is the next go-to destination in Cebu with its 1.2-hectare mixed-use property development along AS Fortuna in Mandaue City. Its astounding designs and unique global feature encompass its two towers rising from one podium.

LAST UPDATE: February 01, 2019 

The Astra Centre has four major components namely the: Astra Centre Mall, an upscale boutique mall with cinema; Radisson RED, a world-class hotel targeted to the new generation travelers; One Astra Place, a residential condominium replete with infinity pool, sky deck, gym, and function rooms; and Astra Corporate Centre with 12 floors of modern office spaces.


STUDIO UNITS ( 749576 – ST )

Floor Area: 22.40 sqm
Price Range: Php 2,960,202.04 – 3,177,749.70 (List Price)
Price Range: Php 3,197,018.21 – 3,431,969.68 (Including Taxes)

Floor Area: 31.69 sqm
Price Range: Php 4,253,844.05 – 4,539,632.02 (List Price)
Price Range: Php 4,594,151.57 – 4,902,802.58 (Including Taxes)

Floor Area: 24.40 sqm
Price Range: Php 3,241,432.34 – 3,444,550.81 (List Price)
Price Range: Php 3,500,746.92 – 3,720,114.88 (Including Taxes)

Floor Area: 28 sqm
Price Range: Php 3,748,812.30 – 4,001,322.97 (List Price)
Price Range: Php 4,048,717.28 – 4,321,428.81 (Including Taxes)

Floor Area: 28.29 sqm
Price Range: Php 3,875,952.12 – 4,052,577.78 (List Price)
Price Range: Php 4,186,028.29 – 4,376,784.00 (Including Taxes)

Floor Area: 25.01 sqm
Price Range: Php 3,469,940.62 – 3,487,290.32 (List Price)
Price Range: Php 3,747,535.87 – 3,766,273.55 (Including Taxes)

1 BEDROOM UNIT ( 749576 – 1BR )

Floor Area: 40.15 sqm
Price: Php 5,459,086.51 (List Price)
Price: Php 5,895,813.43 (Including Taxes)

Floor Area: 40.15 sqm
Price: Php 5,570,496.44 (List Price)
Price: Php 6,016,136.15 (Including Taxes)


  • Painted walls, partitions & ceilings
  • Provision for water heater
  • Tiled dwelling areas
  • Provision for window-type or split-type air condition system
  • Tiled toilet & bath with complete bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen sink with countertop
  • Provision for cable internet & telephone
  • Kitchen based and overhead cabinets
  • Installed fire detection & suppression system
  • Provision for kitchen exhaust

Astounding Designs that Captivate & Inspire. Standing 29 storeys tall and occupying an area of 1 hectare, with its upscale designs and unique global features.Astra Centre is going to stand out in this beautiful city that combines Mandaue and Cebu.


  • Separate and independent lobby
  • 4 Elevators
  • All units are combinable
  • 1.5m minimum corridor width
  • 100% Backup power
  • Garbage holding room per floor
  • CLI Property Management Service
  • CCTV Security System
  • Full Range Amenities
  • Infinity & Kiddie Pool
  • Function Rooms
  • Gym
  • Al Fresco Area

At Astra Centre, we want to be able to have our buyers maximize use and potential of the project because we want to offer conveniences that offer a lot of functionality and definitely will make life easy to them.


RESERVATION FEE: Php 20,000.00

  • 15% DP w/o TC, 15% DP with TC


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