88 Summer Breeze House for Sale Talamban Cebu, Rose Model



Feel the gentle fresh air. Feel the gentle fresh air in this haven, the laughter of the birds early in the morning; enjoy beholding the nature’s beauty of green in Cebu City. Its gently flat terrain set against a stunning backdrop of mountains makes it the perfect place for you. Spend valuable quality time with the family trekking the jogging path, basking in the Sunday sun on the picnic grounds or clowning around in the children’s playground and rewarded with a happy, healthy family.

  For Only  Php 35K  per month 


  • Duplex
  • Lot Area: 65 sqm to 79 sqm
  • Floor Area: 93 sqm
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Toilet and Bath
  • 1 Car Garage


Lot Area: 72 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,706,965.69 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,429,824.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 65 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,571,815.90 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,268,320.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 79 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,813,154.81 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,556,720.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 69 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,639,390.79 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,349,072.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 70 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,654,836.49 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,367,529.60 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 71 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,670,282.18 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,385,987.20 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 73 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,701,173.56 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,422,902.40 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 74 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
3,716,619.25 (Exclusive of Taxes)
4,441,360.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Lot Area: 111 sqm
Floor Area: 93 sqm
4,361,476.82 (Exclusive of Taxes)
5,211,964.80 (Inclusive of Taxes)


  • Elegant guardhouse with 24-hour CCTV ( remotely viewable via internet on iPhone or Android device )
  • Landscaped, gated entrance
  • Underground drainage system, concrete curb and gutter
  • Landscaped gardens, open areas, cemented sidewalks
  • Rainwater tank
  • Bathtub in Master bedroom’s toilet & bath
  • L.E.D. for outdoor overnight lights
  • Multipurpose hall
  • 24-hour security
  • Perimeter fence
  • Telephone, cable TV lines
  • Fire hydrants

   For Only  Php 823,664.00  Down Payment  


  • Reservation Fee: Php30,000.00 (Non-Refundable)
  • 20 Percent Down payment – Payable in 12 Months
  • 80 Percent remaining payable in Bank Financing (Accredited Bank – China, BDO, BPI, Wealth Bank and Metro Bank)

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