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In just half a decade since from its humble beginning, CRS25 Realty is continually HELPING, PROVIDING and ASSISTING thousands of individuals both local and foreign, whom searching for their dream houses and other ambition real estate properties, here in Cebu and the rest of the Cebu provinces from north to south. Because of its passion to serve, where HONESTY, INTEGRITY, CREDIBILITY & CLIENT CENTERED hooked on it, CRS25 Realty has been in the limelight of success ever since. But behind the camera of the entire scene, is a man with good reputation and despite of all his achievement reached. He remained humble and simple.


CRS25 Realty is owned and managed by MR. ALMIRANTE G. “AL” HERBIETO, a licensed real estate broker and a license education teacher as well. A cum laude graduate at CEBU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, but most of all he is a versatile and determined individual who’s passion is to render service and commitment to both client and partners, specializing through service oriented and high professionalism.
CRS25 Realty was established in JANUARY 14, 2014 with simple set-up and a one- man management. It’s also an abbreviation for CEBU REALTY SHOP (CRS), and the number 25 of the logo has its story to tell. The firm never set aside the traditional way of real estate selling. Rather, they innovate the way of doing it, by adopting the cyber trend through on-line posting, which creates practicality to the team and easy access with comfort to the buyer both local and abroad. Since then, the firm became widely known as one among the top on-line seller for real estate properties in the whole wide Cebu through www.crs25realty.com

Of course, just like any other story of success, attached to it is another story to tell. Before it reached the peaked of success, the firm experienced down’s and low’s in the past. It first experienced financial crisis, were they need to budget the small amount of money for the expense of everything including personal allowance. Second, it experience rejection to others, believing that it is un–achievable, and lastly, it experienced others selfish opinion. However, this hindrance never became an epic-failed to the firm. Rather it becomes an inspiration towards achieving the beacon of success. Through and through, CRS25 Realty were before it was a dream and ambition of former part-time sales person and now it turned into reality. Simply creating a GOOD-BRAND were 100% of SERVICE is the trademark, maintaining GOOD-REPUTATION were 100% COMMITMENT to the client and its partner. And that’s CRS25 REALTY.


CRS25 Realty is to provide consistent excellent service for customers and co practitioner, to facilitate in selling, purchasing or maintaining of real estate properties while abiding to the Code of Ethics, providing the best professional services to sellers and buyers that create maximum benefit and personal satisfaction in a lifetime relationship.


CRS25 Realty will be Cebu’s reputable real estate firm, specializing in Projects selling and For Sale by Owner (FSBO). The firm will dominate in Cebu market and excel in every facet of its operation including; Client Satisfaction, Team Development, Profitability and Excellency.

Interesting Facts

  • The number 25 of CRS25 Realty logo represents the age of the where he started and established the firm.
  • CRS25 Realty started with a simple set-up in a single small room where he rented.
  • There was only 1 salesperson working during the day when it was established.
  • That every after 2 years of being a salesperson of the firm, will achieved their goals 100%.
  • All members of the firm are young entrepreneurs.


Real Estate And Properties in Cebu City

Real Estate And Properties in Cebu City

Real Estate And Properties in Cebu City